A recently released book written by Maynard Webb titled Dear Founder: Letters of Advice for Anyone who Leads, Manages, or Wants to Start a Business written in the form of a series of letters, outlines certain tenets that all new business founders need to know. On culture and inclusion, he says that diversity as part of the talent recruitment strategy has to be implemented right from outset, else it will get complicated after a certain stage. Once funding is received from an investor, a founder typically gets about 18 months to make use of it, before it runs out and one looks for a fresh round. Technology is democratizing the professional space away from the traditional paternalistic company that was common in the past. Webb also mentions how all kinds of companies need to have a proper board of directors, to fall back on useful advice. Entrepreneurs must also learn to handle hard situations like firing employees.


Uploaded Date:14 November 2018

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