Business innovation is increasingly mentioned in tones which make it sound extremely difficult to achieve. Yet in reality they need not be so complex. The reason why the greatest of start-ups end up disruptors is because they change the behaviour of the people involved. A world pre Google is difficult to imagine while few imagined the smartphone or music revolution prior to Apple. However, Venture Capital (VC) funding is drying up and even less so is Angel Funding. In such a scenario, alternative options are sought, but one that has strongly emerged is Crowd Funding. This has in fact grown so fast that now the category is larger than angel investment and soon may outpace the VC model itself. A prime example to be cited would be of the Oculus Rift which was eventually acquired by Facebook but not before raising more than two billion US dollars in crowd investment. A major advantage of this model is that there is limited cost to failure besides crucial time being wasted. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Rock-The-Post are some of the best performing crowd funding platforms.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2017

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