While most aspire to reach top management positions, only few manage to do it, and some do it faster than others. Twenty-four years is the average time span needed since the first job to reach the CEO slot. The usual understanding is that CEOs must have done their MBA from some elite business school, followed by a top-notch campus placement from which they rise up the ladder, carefully avoiding slippery ropes along the way. Business research was conducted titled the ‘CEO Genome Project’ to gauge the reasons for success of the CEO “sprinters”, or those who reached the top quicker than the usual twenty-four-year span. Three instances seemed common to them, the first being that they all had stints at smaller companies. Another is that they made sudden upward jumps. So, they grasped the opportunities provided to them. Contrary to the usual narrative, most sprinted up because at some stage they inherited a broken team, and helped troubleshoot it out. The true leadership skills emerge from such situations.


Uploaded Date:17 February 2018

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