Disruption is one of the most revered yet feared terms in the business world today. Several businesses are in the throes of getting disrupted, while several others are fearful of being so. The photography industry faced such onslaught due to smartphones while music recording giants suffered due to platforms such as Apple’s iTunes and Spotify. However, on closer scrutiny it emerges that disruption is to an extent an exaggerated term. A lot of companies who got disrupted, faced so due to fundamental deficiencies. Some others got so due to retrenchment policies, which focussed only on short-term. A study was conducted by the strategy research wing of management consulting giant PwC to gauge the impact on several industries. The study found out that as expected some industries such as IT, software and related services have been affected, several have barely been scathed. Others affected include biotechnology, textiles, construction, healthcare equipment, hotels, restaurants and pharmaceuticals. At the bottom of the table are industries such as gas utilities, aerospace, machinery, oil, gas, media, food products, auto components and energy equipment. Proactive strategies need to be developed to combat these disruptors while building on latent strengths.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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