Large corporations often desire to shed their bureaucratic structures and embrace the lean hierarchies at start-ups. Such an agile structure is desired in order to embrace innovations and act on them suitably. Rarely do organizations manage this, but when they do, it is usually the result of two factors- clarity and focus. Clarity implies a deep understanding of the company mission along with capabilities they all have in order to execute the same. Focus refers to a bold corporate strategy with design initiatives to tackle any failures. A “minimum viable product” is created as a basic prototype which keeps getting improvised depending on the business intelligence received from customer data. At Bain, small teams are created which work on intricate issues, though staying away from micro-management. A lot of leaders are uncomfortable in breaking away from these age-old practices which were in the first place created to leverage advantages of scale economies. But proper coaching and mentoring can rectify this issue to quite an extent.


Uploaded Date:21 November 2017

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