Finance and HR are two areas which often seem to be at odds with each other. Yet, if one probes deeper, one can notice that Profits and People matters are intertwined. An example of these two proactively collaborating was found at McGraw-Hill Companies. Up until 2011, the company had two distinct divisions. One worked on education so catered to students and educators. The other dealt with businesses, providing financial and business intelligence using its analytical tools. Some group companies such as S&P, CRISIL and Platts continued to prosper while deliberately some were sold off. The latter included Businessweek which went to Bloomberg, as well as the company’s broadcasting, education and publishing divisions. The purpose of talent management is not merely to aid the people, but in fact to hone them in a way that it brings business value. In that way, at McGraw-Hill the policies of the two came together.


Uploaded Date:18 August 2018

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