A lot of professionals do not find satisfaction in their work. Very few find true meaning. A lot fail to align with the values of the work or the mission the company promotes. The most common occupations in the USA are retail salespersons, office clerks, cashiers and food servers. None of these jobs have historically been associated with meaning yet they all serve to help other positions such as doctors, teachers and members of the clergy, some of the most sought-after ones. Thus, instead of focusing on only one’s own position, one must instead look at the bigger picture, on the customer side. Even if one was contributing in a support way and not directly, the end result truly mattered. So one ought to feel proud of one’s work as part of something bigger rather than crib about it. Business Research conducted by the Otto Beisheim School of Management confirms that those who consider their work as dull, tend to be much less productive.


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