Finding happiness is surprisingly, a truly tricky task. This is in spite of Business Insider’s report that claims that two-fifths of human happiness is under one’s control. The major ways in which people observe happiness are social bonding, empathy and focus. Social bonding or human connection is part of the DNA and thus the most primeval source of happiness. Empathy can be pursued by following four broad attributes. For this, people need to see the world from others’ point of view. Personal judgements must be left aside. One must gauge one’s own feelings and understand reasons behind them. Love need be communicated openly. A study conducted by Psychologists at the Harvard University found out that adults can manage to concentrate for only half their waking hours. A surprising statistic found by Time magazine post a business analysis done, is that more time people spend using Facebook, lower goes their satisfaction levels. Thus, resilience needs to be built in. One needs to start by feeling grateful for what one has.


Uploaded Date:27 October 2017

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