A lot of investment has been flowing in to the area of fintech. However, not allthis investment may be rightly used. A venture capitalist or any investor needs to understand the value to separate the chaff from the grain. Proposals that have blockchain, big data and financial services generally stand out. Social media is another decent bet. One however, needs to stay clear of a lot of illegal activity that is taking place surrounding bitcoins. Fintech does not always help the unbanked either, though it has made an impact in some markets. An upcoming field of investment here is in robo- advisers. They are quite adept at business analytics, which they can master using the data hoarded by firms in general these days.


Uploaded Date:20 May 2019

The fintech industry is maturing with newer products and offerings, a lot of which will be on display at the fifth World Internet Conference to be held in the Chinese city of Wuzhen in the Zhejiang province. The regulatory landscape is clearer now thanks to policy adjustments over several rounds. JD Finance and Ant Financial Services Group are the major fintech players in China. These two companies finished top two in the Fintech 100 report submitted by management consulting industry leader KPMG. The industry has grown at over fifty percent since 2013. Services are being reshaped by the use of smarter tech. Risk management is a field where several new applications are being applied using technologies such as AI and blockchain. Use of such technology is even enabling a more inclusive model of finance. Alipay for example has been able to offer more than 300 collateral-free loan services to its rural customers using big data facility. SMEs are also being benefited out of this.


Uploaded Date:12 November 2018

Seattle-based Envestnet Tamarac is one of the leading players in the adviser technology market. One of the reasons for the company’s swift growth has been that it delivers what is quoted. Tamarac ended up doing better post the 2008 market crash. The merger of Tamarac with Envestnet took place later but as per the agreement the latter did not interfere in the former’s independence. The platform now expanded with increasing portfolio and client relationship management. Its tech platform enables enormous data warehousing operations to take place, which can then be further processed to derive vital business insights. At present, there exists a user base of RIAs using the platform to manage operations worth over a trillion dollars.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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