A recent conference called Collision held in New Orleans threw up some interesting insights from some top brands about customer experience. The CMO of We Transfer which is the world’s largest file sharing platform spoke about how the authenticity of several business institutions has been hit. The very fact that this is public discourse means something is amiss. The SVP of T-Mobile, USA claims that customer loyalty cannot be built up simply by reward points or loyalty programmes, but through more defined customer engagement. The CMO of Mozilla meanwhile feels that people in general are more conscious about the ethicality of what they are consuming. Mozilla’s CMO also feels that Big Data is now ubiquitous but it is making marketers far too reliant on it. This vast quantity of data does not yet answer all of business questions. Research conducted by them proved that a bit more than a fifth of internet users can be clubbed as conscious choosers on content. This idea was further given weight by one of the VPs at Patagonia. The Founding Partner of Work & Co feels that the era of design thinking has been upgraded to actually implementing the ideas.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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