The tourism industry is poised for massive growth both in terms of numbers as well as in the area of innovation. Some futuristic trends have just emerged which if scalable can totally revolutionize the world of tourism. One such is DNA Analysis which is done by fitness company 38 Degrees North operating from a five-star property at Ibiza in Spain. They have curated individualized fitness sessions based on DNA analysis from the saliva swab of guests checking in. The next such innovation is the under-development Time Machine FET programme created by the European Commission. It uses Virtual Reality (VR) to take travellers back in time so they can explore the real Europe at any time in the past few millenniums. The third is Ancestral Holidays which uses DNA testing to sponsor people to go back to their genetic origins and meet siblings from a totally different part of the world. Future Smart Shoes was designed by Indian company Lechal. It uses wearable technology to do fitness tracking and guide direction to the wearer. Eventually the data collected can also be used as business intelligence by various stakeholders. And then there are Hyperloop Hotels which use Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One network, except that it is still at planning stage, and no actual action has taken place.


Uploaded Date:06 October 2017

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