With remote working an increasing reality, companies are having to tweak their HR systems accordingly to cater to them. There are a few mistakes which must be avoided at all costs while dealing with such remote teams. One such is an inability to evaluate the remote team’s performance. There are several ways to fill this gap in the vital business intelligence. Weekly feedback must be regularised. The same applies to quarterly reviews. Periodic teleconferences must be held. But importantly, even on daily basis, touch point must be maintained for regular communication. Another mistake is not communicating the expectations from the team. This should be regulated through weekly task deadlines, monthly or quarterly goals and a time commitment. A sense of ownership needs to be inculcated with the project. Company support needs to be extended towards troubleshooting and tech issues. A contact tree must be provided with details about people concerned and their contact information. Another mistake is not using relevant platforms that are available for remote working. Examples of these are Ace Project, Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Dropbox and Bitrix 24. Another failing is an inability to get face time which can be rectified suing Skype, Web Ex or Google Hangouts. Finally, social networking platforms such IGLOO, Face Time, Mango Apps and Yammer as must be used to the hilt.


Uploaded Date:14 July 2017

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