In a recent book titled Athletic CEOs: Leadership in Turbulent Times, the concept of effective leadership is explored but from the viewpoint of emerging markets. Certain leaders have been feted for their ability to maneuver past disruptions and ensure an engaging transformation. Those leaders tend to be pragmatic but explore business innovations that will add value. They do not believe in conventional management hierarchies but forge strategies with room to grow. They are excellent at talent management, as instead of guiding team members at each level, they simply maintain a vigil and intervene only when needed. These leaders hog the limelight. Under normal circumstances, this would not be considered a quality, but in this case, them getting all the attention keeps the pressure away from others to perform their tasks quietly. Those like Eugene Kaspersky, also act as figureheads and motivators to the rest of the team. These athletic leaders are publicly loyal towards authorities but follow the concept of feeding and milking. This involves paying all legitimate taxes, but ensuring this forges good connections, so that they get implicit support of regional authorities.


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