Climate change seems to have trapped its latest victim and it is Florida. The tourism sector in particular across the state is set to be heavily affected due to rising water levels. This is caused by the melting of polar icecaps as a result of warmer temperatures worldwide. Florida will be the worst hit state in the US due to it being the flattest in terms of altitude. All the big tourist hubs of the state such as Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa and Florida Keys will feel the heat. Tourism consulting provided by the UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) warns that more than sixty-thousand homes are under fear of getting trapped in this flood. That would mean a loss of US$ 120 billion by 2045. The report further adds that 85% of those properties under threat could be saved if the provisions of the Paris Agreement are followed. Unfortunately, USA has walked out of the deal.


Uploaded Date:18 August 2018

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