Talent recruitment is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. While it is admittedly difficult to identify the real gems, in certain interaction and information-intensive jobs such as project management and software development, the disparity is immense. The start performers are understandably a staggering eight-hundred percent more productive than the rest. A study conducted by management consulting giant McKinsey puts the shortfall figure at a whopping forty-five million in the developing world over the coming years. Europe and North America will require another eleven percent college graduates to fill their shortfall. The employee value proposition thus has to be really strong to capture the real high-performers. If not, there may instead be negative reviews on sites such as Glassdoor or Job Advisor. As contradictory as it may sound, it is true that a mere five percent of employees in any firm or industry create positions for the rest ninety-five percent. Companies will be well-advised to focus on this five percent. UPS and Apple for instance have managed to attune their best employees to the key positions. The latter did face some struggle after the death of its iconic founder Steve Jobs, but eventually found their way back.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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