There is much value to be derived from building relationships with those who are lower in the organizational hierarchy. While connections with peers and seniors are often highlighted, this aspect gets ignored. Recruitment and business research firm Career Builder made a shocking, though expected revelation, by stating that in the US alone, seventy- eight percent of the working population survives on a paycheque to paycheque basis. Its repercussions towards the bottom of white- collared jobs is unexpected. Contrary to popular perceptions, there is actually lesser fear of job loss at the bottom, as even unemployment will not have the devastating effects that will affect those in the middle, who tend to be older, with families to support. Those lower can easily switch from one position to another. Genuine respectful conversations need to be had with entry- level professionals, but not with a purely transactional end- point in view.


Uploaded date:21 August 2019

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