The travel and tourism industry generates a total of US$ 625 billion revenue contributing to 6.7 % of the GDP of 72 cities surveyed. This marketing research was carried out by the World Travel and Tourism Council for its Cities Report. This report is particularly significant because urban areas are now home to more than half the world’s residents now. There are four cities from the US ranked in the top 20 which are- Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles- with Orlando on top at 4th position. Majority of Orlando’s tourism footprint though is domestically driven standing at 86% of the total. The Chinese market is the one most booming, both inbound as well as outbound, and remains set for the highest growth in the coming years. Shanghai and Beijing are in fact the world’s top two with the former having a revenue of US$ 35 billion. Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mexico City and Shenzhen also find themselves in the top ten.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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