The usual discourse on automation is that it will take away several jobs which will now be performed by cheaper and more durable robots. The same discourse also considers blue-collared jobs to be most at threat of getting disrupted as opposed to the more creative college-educated jobs. This general assumption comes from an understanding of present wages and education levels. The actual explanation though is far more nuanced. Unfortunately, business intelligence on risks by profession is rare to decipher on academic literature. That is why the MIT Sloan conducted its own research on fifty professions from across the educational or wage divides. It was revealed that it is untrue that blue-collaredjobs are more at risk. A lawyer for example is more threatened than is a plumber. Four kinds of impacts will take place as a result of automation. Jobs will either be disrupted, deconstructed, displaced or prove durable.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

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