Customer service has historically been viewed by most companies as a cost centre. So, many have tried cutting down the costs on it. Virtual agents are one key example of this trend, where companies are saving on having to go for talent recruitment. Instead, technology is helping reduce the costs. A study however has confirmed that this belief is incorrect. The biggest gain of virtual customer service is to enhance the customer experience. Another observation is that these virtual agents most improve when paired with humans, and not replacing them. They can work together as humans can resolve problems with empathy, while bots can assemble the entire data warehousing, to be later used for analysis. Human agents’ time may be saved when using these bots. Human agents even become smarter and more efficient as a result. Human supervision will only further enhance their effectiveness. Human beings can now be freed to dedicate their time towards more interesting challenges. Thus, a human- machine collaboration has to be the new norm.


Uploaded Date:04 June 2019

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