Several surveys and reports have pointed out the dire loss of human jobs over the coming years due to replacement by machines. A latest study by the National Institute of Standards reckons that machine learning will actually reduce wastage by four percent and improve productivity by a complete fifth. One needs to harp back to the Wizard of Ozwhere the villainous wizard was running his empire with the help of a machine. However, this model will not be replicable in the real world as for every machine working, a human, needs to maintain it. Thus,talent recruitment will not reduce but simply shift its focus. Too much of reliance on machines leads to a tactical way of thinking, while humans will ensure the bigger picture is kept in mind by adhering to the corporate strategy. New technology needs to be aligned with work but keeping in mind the emotions of the target audience. Various method may be designed to help workers perform different functions using skills honed over the years.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2018

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