Robots and chatbots have already made major strides in to the business world but their transformation is still on course. Unknown to a lot of customers, machine learning or artificial intelligence has crept into our daily lives. One such example is chatbots answering basic questions during interactions, with banks, retailers or service agents. Business research conducted by Hub Spot revealed that nearly three-fourths of respondents, confirmed using Voice Search. The College of Computing at Georgia Tech has even started a course where one of the Teaching Assistants (TAs) is a chatbots named Jill Watson. An online florist uses a chatbots to help customers place orders. The acceptance of robots has now increased. A study by Live Person confirmed that people generally found dealing with robots as hassle free as long as they are well informed. Finally, in the field of medical research, the greatest scope exists with Juniper Research predicting that by 2022, eight billion US dollars will be saved annually by chatbots.


Uploaded Date:19/06/2017

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