Management consulting giant PwC has predicted in a recent report that the year 2020 will see global unrest by the student community due to an ever shrinking job market globally. In India, the scenario is similar with loads of graduates being produced annually with limited employable skills. In addition, the English-educated middle class has started off a new trend of apathy towards conventional jobs with many of them opting to be part of the now thriving startup scene in the country. This middle class has also created jobs for the less educated people in skilled and unskilled positions such as drivers, security guards or gardeners. Another emerging factor is the green world where companies are increasingly becoming conscious about social conscience and green social responsibility. A Partner at KPMG too confirms that a shift has occurred in employee motivations. Freelancing and robotics will provide massive opportunities over the coming years. A report by a Miami based collaborative community states that three-fourths of freelancers on the platform are working out from India. Firms such as Zoho, Fresh desk and Zen desk are leveraging cloud technologies to provide major solutions to global clients.


Uploaded Date:01/07/2017

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