Corporate transformation is on top of the agenda at most organizations these days. Several are grappling with the pace of digital change. That is why an MIT Sloan study on change management unearthed a few key techniques which the top change leaders must make use of. The first thing they must ensure is clarity from the top. The corporate strategy must be clear and geared towards the requisite change. A charismatic leader will stimulate heaps of energy on the entire team. A sense of trust must be built in across the organization. Most importantly, this ensures that that employees do not become insecure about their future employment or growth. One needs to start with immediate wins, even if small. This will inculcate a positive head-start. But this quick gain, must not immunize one against the future success. That will be tougher, but plans need to be afoot from the beginning. Customers, shareholders and employees all need to be taken care of easily.


Uploaded Date:13 June 2018

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