Genealogical research has become highly democratized thanks to the proliferation of websites dedicated to the same such as Genea Net, My Heritage and Ancestry. One part of the world where in particular genealogical tourism is trending substantially is the French-speaking Quebec province of Canada. Many Quebeckers trace their origin to the French province of Normany, evidenced by the fact that four of the ten most common surnames among Quebeckers are of exclusive Norman descent with another five being of partially so. A lot of pioneering settlers were also from the cities of Paris, Rouen, Dieppe and La Rochelle, especially women, many of whom were sent from orphanages to resettle and eventually populate the colonies in Canada. Local authorities are hopeful that this genealogical journey provides the economic impetus this ageing part of the country requires especially by creating new tourism jobs.


Uploaded Date:18 November 2017

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