The last few years, this realization has dawned among most companies, that there must be proper data warehousing for all the data that the company generates for the purpose of analysis. Germany-based ZF was one such, but several startups had started eating into their share, so there was a fear of the company’s “Kodak moment”. ZF realized it needed its own lab dedicated to business analytics. Steps were thus taken in the right direction. After a few stumbled, it worked as ZF focused on the right internal customers. The high-impact problems got identified. For this proper storage of the hard data was needed along with efforts to motivate the team. This led to the right execution. Fortunately for ZG, there was able support from the top executives. External perspectives were also collated to get an unbiased view. Domain experts were enlisted within the services too and empowered. As a result, the ZF Data Lab is now working in fine shape.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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