Keystone behaviors exist which are called so because of the centrality to achieving business results. They are repeatable, tangible, measurable, observable, and have a contribution in achieving the corporate strategy of the organization. They are only a few in number, as employees will not be able to incorporate more than those for their daily routines. In order to solve business problems, a four-stage process has been outlined following a study by the Katzenbach Center. First of all, the company must be clear about what it is trying to achieve. Secondly, the behaviors need to be outlined which the management feels are critical to ensure the goals are achieved. These keystone behaviors must be prioritized. Some of these behaviors will be harder to accomplish than others, while some will have a greater impact on the overall work. This implementation criteria would include an actionable plan with a degree of visibility. It must be measurable, clear timelines must be allotted to task accomplishment and must be easy to implement. Whatever choices are thus made, need to be verified through both formal as well as informal channels. It could be a conventional vote, or one could simply ask some of the authentic leaders of the firm to validate.


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