A new study has highlighted a few critical behaviours that can lead to cultural transformation. There are four steps involved. First of all, a company must be clear about what kind of business innovations it is trying to put in place. Once these are identified, the management must list down the behaviors it feels will help the team achieve the final goals. A lot of companies adopt one-time plans to rectify a trait or behaviour. Instead, a more holistic approach must be tested that will eliminate undesirable practices. Thirdly, a few such critical behaviours need to be prioritized to be implemented. Before implementation, the management needs to study the plans’ action-ability and degree of visibility. They must also be measurable and deliver results within a certain time span. Their ease of implementation also needs to be noted. Finally, the choices evaluated must further be screened by leaders both formally within the system and external experts.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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