Companies worldwide have been trying to grapple with the challenge of improving its level of business innovation. Several studies have now confirmed, what was long suspected. It is the company culture that end up driving its innovation quotient. Accenture is one company that has already implemented such norms to ensure complete equality and transparency within the organization. People tend to be more motivated to work in companies that value creativity and innovation. A study anchored by Accenture found out that a mere ten percent rise in the innovation mindset, uniformly across all the countries in the world, will raise global productivity by eight trillion dollars. Gender equality is one of the key pillars within this framework of equality. Some elements have been uncovered that lead to a healthy innovation mindset. There must be autonomy in the operations. The team members’ purpose needs to be aligned with the overall corporate strategy. The right resources and tools need to be provided to the concerned personnel. An adequate amount of inspiration needs to be added periodically. A sense of collaboration has to be built across the hierarchies. And finally, experimentation needs to be rewarded, so that employees are not risk- averse.


Uploaded Date:29 July 2019

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