It has long been accepted business wisdom, that nothing really works out, until someone has sold something. Sales will not occur without leads being generated. And while, modern technology does help in generating leads, marketers need to still use the age- old principles of cold- calling. Unfortunately, as business research has confirmed, a little less than half the respondents in the B2B segment, areafraid of making such cold calls. Two major reasons have been cited for this fear. One is the fear of being perceived as a salesman. The other is failure, and the fear of its corresponding high chances. To solve the first conundrum, first of all, sales people must take pride in their work. Sales is an honourable profession, so sounding like a salesman, must hold little taboo. The fear of failure will only leave the body, when one gets habituated to it. So, constant trial is a must in it. Role- plays can be an effective way of dealing with it.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

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