Audit and business consulting giant PwC, in a recent report titled Preparing for Tomorrow’s Workforce, today, has mentioned the utility of hiring flexible talent to ace innovation. Several companies have taken the cue from this report, and thus implemented talent recruitment systems that leverage the ranks of independent contractors, freelancers and gig workers. However, PwC also cites the fact that a staggering ninety- two percent of these recruiters are not managing the contingent workers as they must. Companies need to have proper policies to get the bets out of external talent as today such contingent workers make up more than a third of the full US workforce, and half of the millennial population. A number of reasons may be cited for the immense popularity now for freelancers, one being the record low unemployment in the USA. Another is the shortages in talent, plus the emerging business models, separate from traditional ones. The legal environment too needs to be sorted out, to make it easier to hire such workers. Barriers must be removed by companies as well, to ensure ease in operations, and also for the talent to thrive.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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