2017 was a year of substantial M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) activity in the healthcare industry. A recent report brought out by business consulting giant Bain has further highlighted this in its latest report. In total, three mega-mergers took place last year. These are defined as mergers with a combined value of US$ 20 billion or more. The collective value of these three deals accounted for over a third of the entire industry’s activity. In the first of those deals, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) acquired Swiss pharmaceutical company Actelion. J&J also sold off Rectinol and Anusolto Church and Dwight. The company also sold Codman Neurosurgery to Integra Life Sciences. A common theme among the buyouts were leveraging the research and development capabilities of those acquired. Private Equity (PE) analysts meanwhile are forming an unbiased market view through business analysis involving quantifiable goals. This is helping them take more informed investment decisions. One must clearly know the objective and focus ahead towards the same. One must be transparent with those brokering the deal. Every asset must be leveraged for what it is worth.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2018

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