For innovative social or non-profit enterprises, seeking to make an authentic impact on the lives of the people, receiving proper funding is crucial for survival and growth. Funding agencies though often require specific data to verify the claims of said impact. Due to the not-so-clear understanding of impact, social enterprises resort to data warehousing activities that are often unproductive or even misleading. They understand the kind of data that will be addressed by the donor bodies. An NGO’s work in Uganda is an example, where the organization actually did great work till it was relying on local donors and merchandize revenue. But once it plucked for serious funding, the data that was to be presented lead to loss of focus from the main things. That is where a new book launched The Goldilocks Challenge written by the duo of Dean Karlan and Mary Kay Gugerty is instructive. Here Karlan, a Professor from Northwestern University described the acronym CART to best explain the work under the Goldilocks parable. CART expands into credible, actionable, responsible and transportable. Randomized trials must also be used to understand the true impact of the ground.


Uploaded Date:02 August 2018

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