A new book has been released titled The Person you Mean to be: How Good People Fight Bias, written by Dolly Chugh. She is a Professor at the Stern School of Business, part of the New York University. This, as the name suggests is a book that speaks on biases, and how one must look beyond them. Diversity and inclusion are nowadays being touted as crucial indicators in any company’s talent management manuals. These have even been identified as critical factors behind innovation and creativity at any organization. Unconscious or implicit bias is often an impediment to achieving real diversity at any firm. To gauge this, there is the Implicit Association Test (IAT), that can be taken. People need to move away from jargon- centric terms and focus on the real values associated. Sociologists, economists, historians and political scientists are all these days talking about such unintended biases.


Uploaded Date:20 May 2019

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