The one thing all great innovators had in common was the courage to be different and keep persevering. Inventions are often done parallelly as was the case of relative gravity done simultaneously by Albert Einstein and David Hilbert. Business innovation is not about an ‘aha’ moment but about the perseverance which usually takes a long time before it. A perfect example is that of Chester Carlson’s work which led to the development of the first photocopiers. He received massive help from the Haloid corporation which later developed Xerox and literally minted money. Another is that of Gary Starkweather who nearly got fired for daring to be different. His innovation led to the development of the laser printers, which saved Xerox at a time of much disruption for the company. Beyond being smart, creative and hardworking, these innovators had the courage.


Uploaded Date:19 February 2018

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