There are some crucial questions that C- suite members need to probe themselves on, when trying to get above- average returns from the market. First of all, they need to assess where is this growth going to emanate from. For this, they need to capture authentic business intelligence. Granular bits of data need to be collected post the proper customer segmentation. Next up, the executive needs to plan for the present as well as future growth streams. This has a three- stage journey, beginning with investing on the right resources. This would not alone be enough, as it has to be backed up by the right performance. Only then can customer- centric design be curated by the firm. To actually implement this growth machine, the entire strategy needs to be well aligned. This must start with the right talent recruitment, so that all key positions get filled up. The communication used also needs to emphasize growth instead of mere productivity.


Uploaded Date:10 January 2019

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