A significant proportion of professionals are trapped in a situation where they possess all the tools to be immensely happy and satisfied, yet are constrained. Instead of being happy at work, they remain disengaged, so unable to shape their careers. More Americans are reporting for stress now than ever before, as concluded by a study by the American Psychological Association. There exist several psychological traps behind why this is happening. One of them is the self- explanatory Ambition Trap. Another is the “Should” Trap. This is best exemplified by business research carried out by Deloitte, which confirmed that about sixty- one percent people feel they need to hide several of their traits, in order to be accepted at the workplace. The third is the Overwork Trap. One needs to break free from these constraining barriers. Then one can seek purpose, friendship and hope. People wrongly believe that being successful is necessary for happiness. But instead, one needs to try the other way round.


Uploaded Date:27 February 2020

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