When it comes to investment blunders, two kinds stick out. One is over estimating the buyout, as happened during the acquisition of Sears by Eddie Lampert. The other is pushing aside an opportunity that existed, as in the case of Blockbuster giving away the chance to acquire Netflix. Over- analysis is often the root cause behind such errors. One of the reasons for such errorsto take place, is confirmation bias. Here, a common trait is finding analogies of other such failures or successes. Two more types of errors are to do with “sins of omission”. The first of these is when the business intelligence captured, fail to take into account the consumer passion associated with any brand or future business model. The other is the very opposite. Here, the passion and emotion are well accounted for, but the practical realities behind them, not so well. The ‘Super’ Geo’ model is the best one to look past these obvious flaws.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

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