Most companies round the world, at least theoretically show their desire to build an innovative culture at the workplace. Such work cultures are depicted as fun- loving, yet this depiction is only half the story. Such organizations have some brutal truths. To start off, such companies do have a tolerance for failures, but none for incompetence. They experiment a lot, in order to bring business innovations to fruition, yet their processes are highly disciplined. Such companies project a culture of psychological safety, but follow a demonstrably candid way of communicating with people. These teams endorse collaboration, but that does not take away the individual accountability. Such organizations are also known for their talent management structures, which is why they then to have a flat hierarchy. Yet, these firms also have a strong leadership at the centre. Incorporating all such cultural changes at one go, may not be possible for organizations that are trying to build an innovative set up. But small steps at a time can eventually lead to the desired objective.


Uploaded Date:22 January 2019

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