Several studies conducted by the Katzenbach Center to understand the sources of employee pride at various organizations, throws up one familiar strain. It is the fact that irrespective of level or designation, in any firm all those employees taking pride do so for pretty much the same reasons. There exist cultural anchors present at several organizations that ramp up emotional energy among employees. Companies would do good to harness this energy for increasing productivity. At times of team reorganization, this can prove to be handy, as non-motivated teams tend to hide information only to protect oneself or the immediate circle. This happens especially if they feel themselves to be mere chess pieces to be moved around. Companies and leaders good at talent management instill this emotional pride through several steps. Initially, there are a set of characteristics that organizations tend to have that generate a sense of pride. This pride leads to an emotional energy which in turn gives rise to success, which automatically fuels an emotional energy. This further translates into a hunger to repeatedly achieve success.


Uploaded Date:23 February 2018

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