Healthcare budgets are strained all over the world in general now, as costs are escalating are roughly twice the GDP growth rates of countries. There isn’t even any observable improvement in overall patient health or satisfaction levels. In fact, a lot of research even points out that a substantial portion of so-called healthcare costs are on avoidable tests and complications. To this end, some industry leaders have responded by starting with the value-based healthcare format. Higher levels of cooperation will be required for executing this. Specialists of inter-disciplinary teams will need to be created. Cost-effective solutions will be devised by close collaboration with drug companies and medical device manufacturers. There exist some maxims that are part of this value-based healthcare mechanism. Outcomes will need be compared. The individual approach will be foregone in favor of team-base ones. Instead of treating symptoms, behaviors are treated in this approach. To analyze the best results, business intelligence will be derived out of the enormous quantities of data generated. NDR is one source of top-notch data. Key ‘integrator’ roles will also need to be defined and recruited accordingly.


Uploaded Date:10 July 2018

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