A lot of employees who are now working from home, face another unique challenge. As parents, they need to work from home, while also not taking their eyes off their kids. This is especially important now, as schools too are shut amidst the ongoing lockdown, and so are crèches and coaching centres. Thus, time is for dissolving boundaries. One quick- win idea for any company to adopt now will be to display empathy with each employee’s individual context. Employees must also be encouraged to communicate their new norms, under this new challenge. Like minded communities need to be built along the way. A longer- term fix however, would be to acknowledge that online meetings are not going to disappear. There needs to be time- based flexibility. All this does not mean that face- to- face working is dead. But those will now be reserved for items of top priority as per the corporate strategy. Companies will also need to acknowledge now that more number of men will be involved in parenting. The teams will have to work while embracing this novel concept.


Uploaded Date:13 May 2020

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