In a recent study, management consulting giant Deloitte proves that a staggering eighty-seven percent of the workforce in the USA is unable to contribute to the full extent of their capability due to lacking passion for the work. Team leaders at various organizations must strive to rectify this trend by following a few recommended steps. Firstly, they could start by adopting a servant leader role. Much has been said of this leadership approach, but to best describe it is a hands-on style where the leader does not shy away from administering directly. In order to discover and then unlock employees’ inherent potential, some relevant questions may be posed to them but only at natural touchpoints. They would be just before newer experiences, after key achievements, during annual performance reviews or at times of discussion regarding career growth. Work must be prioritized per employee where their passions and relevant contributions intersect. This works best in smaller teams. A key tenet of talent management is that leaders must understand when it’s time to let employees move on. Holding on to talent won’t work especially with the really talented ones as they’ll have fact, pacey careers.


Uploaded Date:27 October 2017


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