A lot of organizations these days are facing this dire consequence of a “yes” culture. These days likeability has become a key determinant and that is why people are afraid to say “no” to any project or request. This becomes a problem when people say yes to too many things and end up getting muddled. This leads to a misuse of talent especially in larger organizations with too many tasks on hand. The team leadership must create a culture where employees are empowered enough to refuse something if they feel it is less critical and will not succeed in the end. In order to cultivate this culture, certain steps may be taken. A value assessment system must be established where employees along with their seniors rate projects’ feasibility as per their evaluation. Only the most critical and beneficial of them will be taken up. Companies must look and act on the warning signs. During projects, business intelligence surfaces up on affectivity of work till then. Pilot projects are often conducted for a duration to check the feasibility before full-on implementation. Sometimes employees need to actually celebrate saying “no” as it frees up a lot of mental clutter. Leaders must encourage and reward initiatives. Uber for example crafted a business innovation where group codes were provided to co-attendees of some event. This was devised after such feedback was received in the past and the designers were promptly rewarded.


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