The Head of Industry at Google, is of the firm belief that trust is the key weapon to building a team. His thorough insight comes thanks to Google’s two- year study that confirmed, the one thing that all the best- performing teams have in common, and that is psychological safety. It allows for business innovations to prosper as employees are not under any undue fear on experimentation. Due to the unique history of human evolution, this psychological safety is also fragile, but necessary for success. In order to achieve the same, conflict must be seen as a collaborator, but not as one adversary. To gauge the right business intelligence, human to human interactions, need to be stressed on. Reactions need to be anticipated in advance, to plan countermoves. Instead of blaming others, curiosity needs to be the default setting. The moment work is delivered, feedback needs to be sought on the same. All this will ensure that one can tangibly measure psychological safety.


Uploaded Date: 16th December 2019

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