The usual belief is that automation is mainly going to affect blue-collared semi-skilled or unskilled jobs and not those involving creativity. However, this precinct is being challenged by a latest turn of events at Indian e-commerce firm Myntra. Here, robots are being used to set patterns on clothing depending on customer tastes. If such intrusion by robots is possible in the design space, the jobs of merchandize planners and buyers will be most affected. Via an enormous data warehousing operation, robots can deduce what designs were snapped up previous month, so which are likely to over the next few. Algorithms have already been designed to this end. The professional in charge of business analytics at M&M though declares that none of this is to replace humans, but simply to improve supply-chain decision-making. Asset management too would hire increasing number of financial advisers even though the art of investing itself is getting automated.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

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