An increasing number of people are now graduating with university degrees. This is true both for the developed countries of North America and the OECD group, as well as for the developing ones like from Sub- Saharan Africa. In the latter’s case, university degrees are rarer, so having one, vastly increases one’s chances of getting noticed by recruiters. This is in contrast with Scandinavia, where already a large number of people possess such degrees. Conversely, with the rise in these degrees, it is also the minimum that companies are expecting their employees to posses before opening up the pool. This is hurting the companies’ own positions, as their talent recruitment systems are still being fixated on past norms, rather than leveraging the modern trends surrounding ubiquitous disruption. College degrees are in fact also associated with a certain social class, and end up in hurting social mobility or equality. Even a study by the Manpower Group confirmed that beyond mere the possession of degrees, it is the communication, collaboration, problem- solving and customer servicing, which are on top of the pie, for recruiters’ real requirements.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2019

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