The practice of hiring people, for a specific location, no longer remains sacrosanct. Due to the rush of the gig economy, a lot of the talent recruitment now takes place for freelancers and remote workers. This has several benefits for all the stakeholders involved. First of all, it opens up the talent pool to a much wider audience. The hiring managers too get an incentive, as they can now create diverse teams. Individual employees perhaps benefit the most, as they get to stay close to their families, and waste less time on intra- city travel. To ensure that this recruitment goes as best as possible, the company needs to conduct deep due diligence procedures. Individuals’ leadership capabilities need to be assessed. This becomes crucial, as remote workers need to stand out from a distance, with minimal personal connection. Substantial investment needs to be made in relationship building. Trust becomes a key factor when people are working from a distance. And finally, there must a periodic check on the logistics and technology part, so that this does not hamper the smooth work flow.


Uploaded Date:24 June 2019

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