Just as it is nearly impossible to judge any person’s human values during the first meeting or few, similarly it is highly difficult to gauge any candidate’s suitability during the interview process alone. That is why several companies have devised personality tests for the talent recruitment and staff development processes. Unfortunately, most of these personality tests tend to ignore aspects around moral character. This is a dangerous trend, as moral character leads to the employee’s interpersonal interactions and ethical choices made. To cite an example, people with high levels of “guilt proneness” have a strong conscience so they strive hard to avoid their own mistakes or those by others. There is even a Guilt and Shame Proneness Scale that was devised by a professor at the Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. Moral character can best be evaluated from open-ended interview questions to do with behaviours. The model best followed here is the HIDE or hidden information, distribution and evaluation.


Uploaded Date:03 March 2018

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