Asking a superior for a promotion can be one of the most challenging tasks for any professional. It is usually not a one-time thing, but involves a series of discussions and negotiations where one cannot lose one’s calm. A global executive coach has offered some insights on ways to do it. First of all, the employee must reflect on why he/she wants or deserves the promotion. Adequate research must be done beforehand to understand what could be the causes and strengths in one’s case. The case needs to be built in stages, preferably by use of business analytics to prove the effect had on the work. The timing to asking for promotion is crucial as moods play an important part in the decision. Instead of directly breaching the subject, it would be wise to slowly plant the seed in the minds of the decision makers. This seed subsequently has to be nurtured. While one needs to be patient and avoid recklessness, too much of the former will also not serve the purpose.


Uploaded Date:17 February 2018

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