Creativity is essential for businesses, so when some new idea hits, it generates enormous fanfare, especially more so if the execution is successful. The best of creative minds though, need to understand when to turn themselves on and off. For this the first step is to understand the problem right, but then step back a little. This stepping back allows the unconscious mind to kick in, to make complete use of the experiences, creative connections and the mental resources. One needs to stay loyal to one’s curiosities, and explore event accordingly. Curiosity thus must never be killed. A method must be devised to keep a mental note or even a physical register for all ideas generated thus far. Sometimes, certain aspects must be undertaken which are not naturally attractive to the person concerned. This will stimulate new ideas, as a lot of these will be from areas outside one’s comfort. Similarly, some uncomfortable but brutally ruthful conversations needs to be brought in to the system. Once the idea hits, one needs to stop the thinking and get on with the execution, as not creativity will lead to any business innovation, unless the execution is swift and correct.


Uploaded Date:15 January 2019

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